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PUBA Hosts 40+ A-List Pornstars

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Nicole Aniston in this picture with her hair done like that kind of reminds me of that chick in the Street Fighter series. You know the one with the upside down helicopter kick… is her name Chun Lee? I used to play that game quite a bit while growing up but I’m too laze to Google it right now.

Even though you wouldn’t say so Nicole is 31 years old. She hails from sunny California on the West Coast of the USA, San Diego to be more specific. She’s so short at only 5’3 which you might also not guess if you were to just look at her solo pics. She has an amazing height to body ratio at 121 lbs and that, coupled with her 34D’s is what disguises how short she is.

She’s a bombshell like so many other pornstars proudly signed by PUBA.

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